Can the Insurance Ombudsman help in my case?

  • Is the insurance company located in Switzerland?
  • Can a financial loss or any disadvantage be demonstrated?
  • Is no lawyer or official body actively involved in the case?

If you can answer all these questions with 'yes', you may consult the Insurance Ombudsman.

Please enclose the following with your written application:

  • Your name, your address and name of insurer.
  • A clear description of the facts, the problem, the complaint and what you wish to accomplish.
  • Copies (not originals!) of all relevant documents (e.g. insurance policy, general terms and conditions, all correspondence with the insurer, evidence, witness testimony).
  • A Power of Attorney that authorises the Insurance Ombudsman to contact the insurance company and communicate, if necessary, the information you provided.

Your application to the Insurance Ombudsman will have no effect (e.g. break, suspension) on any deadlines, time limits, etc. in force. It is your responsibility to ensure that your rights or claims do not lapse.

How to complain?

If you wish to bring a complaint to the Insurance Ombudsman you may either use our online form or send us your application by post:


Make a complaint using our online form.

Get in touch by post and download our complaint form here

Send your complaint form and documents to:

Insurance Ombudsman
Postfach 1063
CH-8024 Zurich

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